Wednesday, November 24, 2010

JarvieU Workshops

Here's some old things that I haven't posted yet.  In April and July I was able to participate in some workshops with Scott Jarvie as part of JarvieU, the internship-like thing I did with him over the summer.  The first one was part two of the shoot with Liz.  (I know, I posted that forever ago.)  We got to practice natural lighting as well as something I'd never done before, studio lighting.  It was a fun experience.


The second workshop was a 'flash camp' at Payson Lakes where we learned more about using flash.  We photographed through before sunset until late in the night, then woke up early the next morning to take pictures with the sunrise.  It was great practice for me. 
Okay, so there's no flash in that one, but I still like it.  

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