Thursday, May 12, 2016

Shalis & Kevin's Engagements at Antelope Island

These two are getting married tomorrow, so what better time to post their engagements?  The weather forecast would not make up its mind before their engagement session.  I'd check it and it said sunshine and then an hour later I'd check and it said rainstorms.  So we decided to chance it and luckily all we got was some snowfall.  I think it looks quite magical. 

See more of their session HERE

Monday, May 9, 2016

Aubrey and Aaron's Wedding at the Logan Temple

Yesterday was Aaron and Aubrey's first wedding anniversary, so what better time to blog their pictures?  Aaron and Aubrey's wedding day was all about fun!  From the whimsical color palette to the fun DIY touches to the live band, this wedding had it all.  They put their personalities into their wedding and it shows.  Aubrey made adorable cake toppers and drawings for the cake table, and Aaron made the wedding rings himself!  Did I mention Aaron is a talented jazz guitarist and Aubrey is skilled at the violin?  There is certainly no shortage of talent in this couple. 

See the rest of their wedding HERE

Monday, April 11, 2016

Stockton's Birth Story

It was about 9pm when I walked in to the Labor & Delivery unit where Nicole and Nathan were awaiting the arrival of their little boy.  I was so thrilled to be able to photograph the two most important days of their lives: their wedding, and now the birth of their child.  When I arrived, they were both happy and excited to be meeting their baby soon.  We talked and laughed late into the night.  Before we knew it, hours had passed and baby Stockton was ready to make his appearance.  Nicole was a rockstar at birthing and Nathan was the sweetest, most supportive husband ever.  Stockton was a calm and happy baby, especially when he was close to mom or dad.  It was the perfect birth.  There is nothing that can compare to being present for the beginning of a new life.  It is a special, sacred time and being asked to be there is an incredible honor.  There were not many dry eyes in the room as Stockton was laid on his mommy's chest and they saw each other for the first time.  My eyes would still tear up every time I worked on these images because it was such an amazing experience.  I really hope to be able to photograph more birth stories in the future.