Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So a few posts back I said I had exciting news in relation to my photography. Well I am finally going to tell you about it. Have you heard of Jarvie Digital? Well, Scott Jarvie is a really great wedding photographer in the area and he has taken me (and a few other photographers) under his wing this summer to learn all we can from him. Under 'info' and then 'photographers' you'll find me listed as a present student. Right now there is a link back to this blog, but soon I should have a link to my official associate portfolio which can be found here.
So what does this mean for you? First, I'll be learning enormous amounts in a short time that would normally take me years to learn on my own. I'll get alot more experience second-shooting weddings and assisting on photoshoots and much more practice with all levels of photography. Also, you have the option to hire me through JarvieDigital's associate program instead of straight through me. The benefit? The man Scott Jarvie himself will work on some of your pictures and make sure they're absolutely perfect before they are delivered to you. I will also have more equipment at my disposal and a team of photographers supporting me each step of the way. I will still be doing my own thing as well, and I am growing as a photographer all the time. So basically you can have Campbell Photography two ways!
I've only been with Jarvie for a month so far, but already I've seen huge progress. I can't wait to see what these next few months have in store.

Now onto Liz. She modeled for us as part of a photoshoot/workshop that Jarvie put on for us. We'll be having alot of these, and man are they fun and I learn so much from them. Liz was such a great model and I'm sure we'll be seeing her around again (she's a photographer too!)


lydiaruth said...

congrats! That is super exciting and I am way happy for you!

Liz D. said...

what a wonderful opportunity. It's so fun to see which ones you took. Some of yours are some of my favorites! Thanks for the kind words. These turned out great!