Thursday, November 18, 2010

Emily & Michael's wedding, pt. 1: Oquirrh Mountain Temple (and getting ready)

I thought I'd try something new and break up the wedding into two posts.  Emily and Michael had their wedding at the Oquirrh Mountain Utah temple on a very warm day in early September.  I had so much fun working with this couple and I am so happy they found each other.  I had never been to the Oquirrh Mountain temple before, so this was a fun new experience for me.
I was able to go to the place Emily was getting ready that morning and take a few pictures of her getting ready.  I think getting ready pictures are fun.  They can be beautiful or silly, and help paint a picture of the full experience of the wedding day.
Then at the temple we had some fun too.

I love the expression in the next photo.  I think it captures the couple's personalities well and it just reminds me of the fun you can have with your spouse.

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