Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Crystal & Brandon's Engagements

Crystal & Brandon win the prize for my favorite engagement story I have ever heard.  Here's the story in her own words: "Brandon and I had planned to go to Florida with his family for their family vacation. When we got to Florida he told me we wouldn't be joining them for Universal Studio's day because he had made special reservations to go swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove (my dream!!). I was SO EXCITED! Well the day was absolutely perfect, sandy white beaches, tons of tropical fish to swim with, lazy river! It was GORGEOUS! Well, once we got to the dolphin swim everything went great, and at the end a dolphin swam up to me really really fast with a toy it it's mouth, and on the toy it said "Crystal, will you marry me?" We got professional pictures and videos of the entire thing! I loved it!" Are you guys as jealous as I am?
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