Monday, October 10, 2011

Mark & Annette's Portland Oregon Temple Wedding

I had an amazing time in Portland photographing Mark and Annette's wedding.  I've been able to do three weddings at this temple now and I have to say that it is one of my favorites.  Mark and Annette put on a great event and everyone enjoyed themselves.  My favorite thing about their wedding was that they had a line for only half an hour, then they got to sit down and eat for half an hour (so many brides and grooms never get to really enjoy the food at their reception because they stay in the line all night), then after that they had the cake cutting, bouquet toss, and garter throw, followed by lots and lots of dancing!  Having dancing at your wedding is lots of fun for everyone, and if you do it right you can get quite the dance party going.  It also makes for fun pictures.  Another amazing thing about their wedding is that Annette's mom made her dress herself out of Chantilly lace from New York.  It was amazing.
I loved the bridesmaid dresses, they were adorable.
See more of their wedding HERE

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