Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ashley & Tyler's Wedding: Salt Lake Temple and Carmelle Reception Center

Remember the day the world was supposed to end earlier this year? Well, I am sure Ashley & Tyler were glad it didn't that day, because that's when they finally got to get married to each other! Although having the Rapture at the reception might have been cool too...
I had such a great time at their wedding. The hostess at Carmelle Reception Center was the most helpful hostess I have ever seen at a wedding, and I was really impressed. Ashley is a good-luck charm when it comes to the weather. She didn't want snow for her engagements, even though it was early March when there were still lots of snow storms, and it didn't snow. She didn't want rain for her bridals so that she could bring the Harley, and it didn't rain, even though it rained for days before. And then for her wedding, she wanted beautiful weather, and it turned from an icky week to a gorgeous weekend just for her! I think I should bring her along to all of my sessions. ;)  
I love Ashley's mom!  She is such a great lady!   
Tyler always wears a hat, so going without it on the wedding day would be weird. ;)

And they left the reception on Tyler's Harley.  The perfect end to their perfect day!


Kaylie said...

You take awesome pictures!!!!!:)

Amanda said...

Thank you Kaylie!