Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Katie & David's formals, Part 1: The First Look

In case you haven't noticed yet, I love first look sessions.  They are so much fun, and usually they let me have more time photographing the bride and groom together than I would have had otherwise.  Katie and David's first look was a very fun one at a beautiful location.  I love making a big deal out of that special moment when he saw her in the dress for the first time. (Well, kind of.  He ended up having to come dress shopping with her and saw her try on lots of dresses, but didn't know which one she had picked.)  We got some great pictures that really capture the moment.  I love how I can feel their excitement, happiness, and love through the images.  These pictures seriously make me SO happy!

I love David's expression in the next picture.  It's like he's saying 'I can't take it anymore, please just let me see her!'
And then he finally gets to see her!
Look at how pretty she looks in that dress!
And then she brings out his ring, which he gets to wear just for the pictures.
Stay tuned for the rest of their formal session.  It's a great one for sure!

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