Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wil & Kim's Bountiful Temple Wedding and Herriman reception

I had the pleasure of shooting Wil and Kim's wedding back in early July with Marco Greis.  I had lots of fun spending time with these two.  I think Kim is a really sweet girl.  And I must say that they are really good kissers.  Haha! 
Their ice cream bar was lots of fun.
I have never seen a couple go at it like these two.  They smashed, and then smashed again, and then smashed yet again!  Finally Kim's mom begged them to stop and so they did.   
The guests left their presents in a Mustang!  Um, hello!
And they finished the night off with fireworks! 
See more of this wedding HERE


Kiera said... did they get fireworks?!!!
That is like, my dream.
Also: how did you photograph it?
Love your pictures. So much talent. <3

Amanda said...

Their wedding was in early July, so there were fireworks around at that time. Maybe you need to get married in July. :)
Well, I focused it as best I could on a previous firework and then shot with a longer shutter speed.
Thank you :)