Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Take It Easy

Today I wanted to listen to something, but didn't know what, so I set my ipod on shuffle and listened to a few songs.  Pretty quickly the song "Take It Easy" by The Eagles came on.  This song for some reason is really special to me.  It's not because of the words or the song itself, but more the memories attached to it.  I can hardly sing along with the lyrics without getting a bit teary eyed.  I've been feeling quite sentimental these past couple years, and this is one song that just brings me right back.  Back to when I was in junior high, towards the end of the school year when the air was warm again, when I would ride around on saturdays with my dad in the truck with the windows rolled down.  Memories like this grow more precious to me the older I get (not that I'm very old yet...)

Do you have any songs that are sentimental to you not because of what the song is but because of what it reminds you of?

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Kiera said...

Love this song. Basically anything from classic rock brings in old memories. Although, one song in particular, Forever Young by Alphaville. I don't think of it in the Napoleon Dynamite context, rather, I was at a stake dance (cheesy, I know) and a good friend of mine sang this song to me as we dance. It was sweet, and a little sad and bring back sweet, sweet memories.