Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've got a Nikon camera, I like to take a photograph

Let me introduce you to a song that has become one of my favorites.  I used to like it because of the first lines, but now I like it more because it's all about nicely colored photography on a Nikon camera, which is what I do!  This song makes me so happy every time it comes on the radio.
This video of it is pretty cool because it's compiled from actual photographs taken with Kodachrome film.
"Kodachrome" by Paul Simon:

Another song by Paul Simon that I really enjoy is "50 Ways to Leave your Lover."  The drums at the beginning are oh-so-suave.  Enjoy.

Or, if you're bored by videos that don't change, the live version.

My mom gets credit for introducing me to Paul Simon, mostly with her Simon & Garfunkel greatest hits cd.  My dad gets credit for telling me Simon & Garfunkel is lame, but I didn't listen to him obviously.
I love them both anyways. :)
(PS, he also told me the Beatles was lame, but one of his favorite artists is Paul McCartney, so maybe he was just teasing me ;) )

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