Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Emily & Michael's engagements

These two were married on friday, and I hadn't even blogged their engagements yet!  It's about time I think.  This session was really great.  We got a beautiful sunset, the light was pretty good that day, and of course they looked gorgeous.  I'm glad these pictures turned out so well, because it actually made it worth it for us to get covered in horse fly bites!  Those guys are vicious nasty little things.  Before we went out for the shoot, we had Emily & Mike come over for home-cooked dinner!  I made breadsticks and mac n cheese (homemade, not the kind from a box, that stuff makes me ill).  If any of my other couples want to come over for dinner before their engagement session, let me know!  I don't know how to cook very well, but there are a few yummy things that I can make. :)  Anyways, back to Emily and Mike... I really love how willing they were to be themselves in front of the camera.  My favorite kinds of images are the ones where the couple is just being themselves and having a fun little candid moment.  I love being able to capture exactly who they are and what their relationship is.  I'll try not to put too many photos up, but I'll probably fail because I just love them all!

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Missy Lee said...

Great set Amanda! You're getting to be quite the "Flash Master"! Haha! Nice work :o)