Thursday, August 19, 2010

Decorations, DIY, and more from a Bountiful wedding: Wedding Planning Ideas

I thought I'd start something new.  As a photographer I get to see what works and what doesn't at weddings.  I decided to share some cute ideas that I've seen with all of you brides to be and hopefully it will be of some help to you.  Today I'm going to share my favorite ideas from Abbie & Greg's wedding.  (You can see the original post HERE)
First of all, if you can find a place with a chandelier, I highly recommend it.  This chandelier is from the Wight House in Bountiful, and I really want to take it home with me and hang it in my own house.  Chandeliers are classic and beautiful, and set the tone for a fancy event.


If you read Abbie & Greg's post you also know how much I am in love with the little paper birds they had on the tables.  They are a super cute DIY decoration that's both easy and completely adorable.  These ones were made out of paper, but they could also be done with fabric as well. 
Something that was a super fun addition to their wedding day was they took their close friends out bowling right after the ceremony.  What a fun way to celebrate your recent union!
Well that's it for now.  Hopefully this gets your creative juices flowing! 

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